Advantages of EchoLumen Car LED light

EchoLumen has accumulated profound knowledge and experience in car light designing and manufacturing. We possess sophisticated product managers and specialized R&D team to guarantee the constant new innovative products output and continuous improvement of the existing products, to maintain our core competitiveness and supply the best performance LED unique and trendy car light products for our customers.

Oriented by product performance and customers’ satisfaction, EchoLumen is making maximum effort to supply high quality lights for cars with the best cost effective prices for our customers to grow and expand their business. Comparing to other car light products on the market, EchoLumen manufactured car light LED can bring the following advantages to our customers:

  • Wide range of Trendy car light products for one stop purchasing

    Working as an expert in the LED car light industry for more than 8 years, EchoLumen has formed the most comprehensive product lines to provide wide options for our customers. Our products including LED car headlight, LED truck headlight, LED off road light, car interior light or atmosphere light for car etc, truly one stop shopping. Customers can save tons of time and effort to negotiate with many manufacturers and shipping forwarders etc.

  • Top stability and high performance car lights at Wholesale Rates

    To maintain the top stability, EchoLumen uses the current most advanced aviation aluminum and high quality cooling fans to guarantee its perfect heat dissipation and excellent stability. We adopts the well know LED brands to make sure its ultra-high brightness output, excellent lighting performance and outstanding irradiation and penetration. EchoLumen can definitely show much better performance than any other Halogen lights.

  • The most cost effective Unique atmosphere car light Strips

    Thanks to the recognition and trust by our customers, each month the demand on our car interior LED light is very big, which is easier for us to negotiate the cost with our material suppliers. We can cut down the cost and get much competitive prices for our customers. It helps our customers to win more business and get more benefits. Hope our car lights can help your business grow as well.

  • Assuring warranty policy

    EchoLumen light is designed with high standard material to maintain its high profile performance and quality. For all our LED lights for car products, we offer 2 years warranty and will take care of all after sales services. For any quality problem on our LED car light during warranty, we are committed to ship new items to our customers free of charge. EchoLumen is truly worth a shot!