How to choose Various Types of Wall mounted LED & Solar lights?

Our LED outdoor wall lights are a pretty narrowed market segment of LED lights, but in recent years, these wall lights has gained great attention and now became a hot item of LED lights for walls. It's no mere accident that these lights arouse such wide attentions and became a preference to customers. The reason why wall lights can catch the nerves of customers is because it has wide applications scenarios and brings big convenience to our life. LED wall light or solar wall light is small in size, easy to install (requires no electrician) and intelligent working modes, what more important is that it is affordable by anyone.

Featured with so many advantages, no doubt LED wall-mounted light is preferred by most customers. If you are a trading company or supermarket owner, when you figured out that these lights may bring you good business. There is another realistic problem you will have to face, that is how to choose the right LED trendy wall light suppliers.

Here we will give you some tips about how to choose the right suppliers.

First of all, you need to figure out what to look for trading with a LED lights manufacturer & supplier.

  • What is LED wall light or solar wall light

    These lights are one type of LED lights, which is using LEDs as light source and powered by solar energy. Normally it will be mounted to the wall and provide lighting for people. The core components of wall light LED and powered by Solar energy includes LEDs, solar panel, PCB, Li-ion battery etc.

  • How LED wall-mounted light works?

    The working theory of wall light is quite simple. At daytime, the solar panel will get sunlight and charge the battery by transforming the solar energy into electricity. When it is dark, the light sensor which integrated into the solar panel will turn on the LEDs automatically. In the next morning, when it is bright, the LEDs will be off and solar panel restarts to charge.

    EchoLumen is more functional and intelligent, it is integrated one light infrared sensor to capture human motion and control on/off of the LEDs to save power.

    After mastering its working theory, you should know the key features of wall lights.

  • Features of EchoLumen Manufactured Wall Mounted Lights

    High stability with IP65 LED wall light or solar wall light

    EchoLumen wall light is designed with high IP rating to be resistant to any weather conditions. Excellent waterproof, dustproof and cold-resistant etc.

    Wide ranges of designs for option with trendy wall lighting options

    EchoLumen provides many types of lights that have different looks and lighting intensity requirements. More possibilities and more business.

    Excellent reliability and waterproof

    Its working hours can reach up to 50000 hours.

    Easy installation LED wall light or solar wall light

    EchoLumen wall light can be installed anywhere where can get the sunlight on the solar panel. The installation is very easy, just fix it to the wall by a few screws.

    The last part is to collect information about the manufacturers. The most important part you should know about the factory is their manufacturing ability and what services you can get from them.

  • EchoLumen manufacturing ability and services

    EchoLumen has strong R&D ability on LED lights, we constantly launch new design various types of wall lights for our customers to enrich their products. Our production capacity for these lights is about 60K per month, which enable us to take big and urgent projects. Except supplying, we provide logistic services and free consulting service for our customers, which including free market information sharing (market trend and new products predictions etc). All these value-added services help our customers to enhance their sense of the market trend and seize more opportunities.