Purpose of Off-Road Lights - Where to Buy?

Off-roads lights are one cool thing to have in your jeep; they completely enhance the look of your jeep. However, they are not just used to make your jeep look cooler; they are installed for a purpose. Jeeps are made for off-roading, and off-reading requires extra lighting than when you drive your jeep on the road. The roads are always lighted with street lights and all, but when you go off-road, usually there are no lights. Therefore, to be able to drive smoothly on the road and to not end up in a ditch, you need extra lighting, which is why off-road lights made their way into this world. You can expect anything and off-roading, there can be stones, there can be a ditch, there can be a dead-end, the only way to ditch the ditch is to have enough lighting in your jeep. Jeeps already have off-road lights fitted in them, but the choices that are available in the market will make you want them all. To avoid making any impulsive decision which you are going to regret later, read this article till the end to develop a better understanding of off-road lights.

Bulb Types in Off-Road Lights:

Halogen Off-Road Lights:

Halogen off-road lights are good to get when one doesn’t go off-roading very often. As these are good but not the best off-road lights, so if you go off-roading like once a year, then this will suffice, but for a frequent off-roading fan, this won’t be fun. They do not emit much light and are also not good with energy efficiency. Even the beam of the beam of the light that halogen off-road lights emit isn’t very focused.

LED Off-Road Lights:

LED off-road lights have become popular recently, and I must say for all the right reasons. It is extremely energy efficient, only uses 1/10 amount of energy compared to halogen off-road lights. Not just this, but they are very durable, compact, and work perfectly for a very long time. LED off-road lights are simply the best to get; however, you must get them installed from a professional because if they are not installed rightly, then it can lead the systems to burn out.

HID Off-Road Lights:

HID off-road lights are also equally good as LED off-road lights. However, it is better than LED-off lights in one sense that the lights it emits travels twice as far as LED off-road lights. All the other features of LED off-road lights are better than HID off-road lights, but if we consider the light distance, then HID lights are best.

Light Patterns in Off-Road Lights:

Spot Lights:

Spotlights pattern produces a more focused and compact beam of light; it can illuminate very far. However, as the beam of the light that this pattern produces is very compact, thus it illuminates only a very small area and doesn’t spread out. The light that this pattern gives off is brighter than any other pattern.

Driving Lights:

Driving lights are used in conjunction with headlights and are able to illuminate the farther and wider area that your headlights can not illuminate. This light is very good for not just off-roading but even driving.

Fog Lights:

Fog lights are placed below the headlights and are basically used to illuminate the path that is in front without catching and fog or other seasonal things like rain or dust. These make it much easy to see the patch clearly.

Flood Lights:

Floodlights aren’t typical off-road lights but are used as one sometimes. They can illuminate a big area but only in a short distance. People usually get them as backup lights so that in case of emergency, at least something would be better than nothing.

Colours Temperatures in Off-Road Lights:

When getting off-road lights for your jeep, color temperatures are also important to consider. Each color is suitable for different driving conditions. However, usually, only amber and white are commonly seen in off-road lights, but some other colors can also be found in off-road lights.

  • 1,000K – Pure amber

  • 3,000K – Closer to yellow

  • 6,000K – Pure white

  • 10,000K – Blue

  • 12,000K – Pure violet

Where To Buy:

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