What are Trendy Garden Lights of Solar Energy?

Garden light refers to the lighting solution for private garden, lawn, public park, recreational area and residential area to meet both lighting function and visual enjoyment. Compared to the old fashioned garden lights which requires wired electricity, the new generation solar LED garden light gains more popularity and preference from the consumers, simply because the solar power driven these garden lights are easier to install, more functional and low operation cost.

Garden light is a big segment of LED light, which including lawn lamp, underground light/ground light and pillar LED solar light, decoration LED strips etc. The key function of such light is to decorate the night and create a cool visual experience. EchoLumen mainly refers to lawn lamp, underground light/ground light and pillar light, all our LED garden solar light is powered by solar energy to make sure its top stability and easy installation.

The market demand is huge and is keeping growing each year, if you are a LED light seller/distributor, then these lights can definitely bring you more business and profits than other traditional LED lighting products. Here we will share you the features of EchoLumen garden light and why you should buy from EchoLumen.

  • Industry specialist and strong manufacturing ability.

    As a leading LED solar light manufacturer in China for more than 8 years, EchoLumem has sophisticated R&D team for constant new product designing and strong manufacturing ability for big project handling and fast delivery for urgent requests. EchoLumen spares no efforts to provide both high profile quality and excellent services to support our customers and help to grow their business.

  • High efficiency and top stability garden lights for you!

    These lights are equipped with one high efficient charging solar panel, which can charge the Li-ion battery full with only 5-6 hours. The light time of our garden light can be at least 10-12 hours, which can last the whole night. In addition, EchoLumen lights are waterproofed to be high IP65, resistant to any harsh weather conditions, its top stability is highly guaranteed.

  • Wide range of options to look for

    Featured with high quality lawn lamp and pillar LED light, EchoLumen has a big variety of cool garden lights for each specific segment and satisfy the wide options for our customers. We can help our customers to select the current most popular lights and support them with our best prices to increase their competitiveness and achieve a win-win partnership.

  • OEM/ODM garden lights services

    EchoLumen has strong willingness and manufacturing ability to take any request for OEM/ODM designs of garden lights to help our customers to develop new products to avoid direct competition with numerous competitors. When market is flooding with same products, a new attractive product can bring you more business and profit. This is the most value added service/support you can provide for our customers.

  • Extremely easy installation

    EchoLumen is featured with easy installation and easy operation. For the lawn lamp, you can simply insert its sharp base into the ground and expose its solar panel under the direct sunlight. For the pillar LED solar light, you can simply mount it to the pillars by a few screws. It requires no skills or technicians for the installation, no any cabling or wiring works needed.