What is Solar Powered LED light?

LED solar light is using LEDs as the core light source and driven by solar energy. Except the LEDs, the main components of solar light including solar panel, power supply, PCB and frame (shell). The design of it is quite simple but with excellent stability.

After knowing the main parts of one solar power light, we should also know how it works. Its working theory is not complicated, at the daytime, the solar panel will receive sunlight and convert the solar energy into electricity and restored it into the power supply integrated inside of LED light. Normally the solar panel is integrated with light sensor inside, when the ambient light getting dark, the LEDs will be light up automatically. When the daytime comes, the LEDs will be off and solar panel restart to charging the power supply. For a small sized solar light, the solar charging time is about 5-8 hours and it can support at least 2-3 night lighting output (12 hours per night).

These Solar-powered lights have many different market segments, mainly including solar street light, solar projection light, solar LED garden light and solar LED wall light etc. It is a fact that these light has been widely used to both large scale industrial lighting solution and ordinary household lighting solution. In our opinion, why solar light with LEDs is embraced so enthusiastically by the market can be concluded to three reasons:

  • Free energy cost and lower operation cost

    These are powered by solar energy which is totally green to the environment, free to use and easy to get, especially when we are facing energy crisis. With solar energy, the total operation cost can be greatly lowered and what more important is that it is clean and cause no hurt to the earth.

  • Easy to install, no need complicated cabling works

    As mentioned that this light is driven by solar energy to meet its self-sufficient working, when we install the products, we don’t have to do any extra cabling or wiring works, which could save a lot installation expenses. For the such LED light, the only thing we need is sufficient sunlight.

  • Excellent stability

    Applied less components, these have excellent stability than normal LED light which powered by wired electricity. For the solar powered LED light, it won’t be affected by any emergency like black out and other electricity shortage caused by wire problem or natural disaster etc.