Why should I buy EchoLumen LED products?

EchoLumen has gained a good reputation in the industry and earned broad trust from our customers. Our ultimate goal is to be a trusted partner to our customers and help them to grow their business, rather than being a pure supplier.

It is easy to find out that the competition in this field is hot no matter to the manufacturers and overseas buyers. As a buyer, you may wonder that why should I buy from EchoLumen when I have so many suppliers to choose. As a manufacturer, we know customers’ concerns and understand that it is a normal reaction when we facing too many choices. But here are some advantages we can provide to our customers.

  • Experienced industry experts guard your business

    EchoLumen team are industry veterans with sophisticated experience, we have strong sense of market changes for new practical product innovations, we are capable of providing you the latest market trend and recommend you new products to strength your competition in your business.

  • A reliable supplier you can trust

    EchoLumen is making big efforts to maintain a long term healthy partnership with our customers that we can put trust to each other and truly open to exchange market information and product designs etc, It is our business principle and we are trying to have a good business relationship with each of our customers.

  • Strong manufacturing ability and warranty policy

    EchoLumen has strong manufacturing ability to meet the growing marketing demand on Solar LED light and LED car light products. Our production capacity can reach up to 60K each month, we can meet fast delivery for any urgent projects. For all our products, we provide 1-2 years warranty and guarantee that for any quality problem within warranty, we can ship new items to customers free of charging.

  • The most cost-effective quality products

    Due to the huge market demand, each of our production order is with big Qty, then we can negotiate the material cost with our suppliers and lower our production cost and benefits our customers in return. But we always insist our stand and never manufacture any poor quality products which will hurt customers and ruin our good reputation.

    EchoLumen is committed to be a trusted LED lighting solution provider to our customers and spares no effort to insist our core business value of “Honesty, Integrity and Responsibility”.