Why I need LED garage work light?

Generally speaking, it is not for garage lighting only, it refers to an innovative design which is very different from the normal T8 tube or LED panel lights, is now widely used at garage, parking lot, warehouse, basement, barn, workshop, office, supermarket and stadium where require ultra-high lumen brightness output. This kind of LED light is a perfect solution for both commercial lighting and ordinary household lighting.

The market recognition and awareness of the LED garage light is still increasing, if you are a lighting distributor/seller, it is not too late to add this LED garage light product to your list and enrich your product fleet. Sometimes one opportunity can change everything, if you grabbed it, it may reward you than what you can imagine.

If you are hesitate and still wondering the market value of the LED working light, after knowing the advantages and features, you may have your answers about the questions why should I need this light and why should I buy from EchoLumen.

  • Ultra-high lumen brightness garage lights

    EchoLumen garage light adopted high standard LED chips for its maximum brightness output. Featured with 3-4 separate LED panels, EchoLumen LED garage light can create much higher brightness than any other types of garage light like LED tube, LED bulbs or LED panels. Its high lumen brightness 6000-12000LM could satisfy any lighting requirements at any places.

  • Wider range of irradiation LED working lights

    As an innovative LED light, EchoLumen is featured with several separate LED panel wings which can be adjusted from 0-90 degrees to meet different lighting intensity requirement at different directions. Its lighting irradiation can reach up to 360 degrees, if using EchoLumen lights, a larger irradiation area could be covered. Which means you can get the same lighting effect you desired by using much less Qty EchoLumen garage light.

  • Wide choices and durable working garage lights

    EchoLumen has a wide variety of designs/looks and working consumptions (range from 30W to 120W) for customer options for different install locations.

    EchoLumen adopted high profile aluminum fins as heat dissipation to make sure the best working condition of our lights. Its service time can be at least 50,000 hours at constant runtime, which requires extremely low maintenance cost.

  • Easy installation

    We designed with E26/E27 base which can be directly installed to replace the LED bulbs. The installation needs no electrician and any tools, none any extra cabling or wiring works required.