Practical guideline for EchoLumen Car Interior Light

The most original cars we got from 4S store/dealer are designed to meet the very basic driving needs, all the lights interior and exterior are all serving that core purpose. It sounds bit dull for car lovers, but we can always find a perfect solution to make amend by installing car interior light or atmosphere light for car. If you are bored with the dark space in your car especially when driving at night, it is time to get some new stuff to light it up. By using car interior light or atmosphere light for car, you can enjoy an upgraded driving experience.

EchoLumen has been operating in the industry as a reputable LED car light manufacturer in China for more than ten years. We have designed a wide variety of wholesale LED light for car to cater to the huge market demand on the car lighting effect. We spare no effort to create a pleasant and safe driving experience for all our customers.

Here we will share the specific features of the products we produce and why EchoLumen is worth giving a shot.

Chapter 1: What is meant by LED light for car?
Chapter 2: Features of EchoLumen atmosphere light for car?
Chapter 3: Why choose EchoLumen car interior light?

Chapter 1: What is meant by LED light for car?

China atmosphere light for car is a kind of aftermarket LED bulbs that use RGB LEDs as the primary source for color output to create a peaceful and romantic environment in the vehicle. The purpose of buying from a reputable LED car light exporter is to get more shades of colors to decorate the narrow space and kick away the dull feeling while driving in the dark. It is more entertaining rather than practicability. If you are willing to decorate your car to have a better visual enjoyment, you cannot miss the EchoLumen's wholesale car interior light.

EchoLumen has a comprehensive range of LED light for car to provide various options to the customers. Our products are equipped with a cigarette lighter or USB interface for direct plug and play and require no circuit wiring works. EchoLumen is a committed and trustworthy car interior light supplier providing the most cost-effective LED products to all the prestigious customers and help to grow their business.

Chapter 2 Features of EchoLumen atmosphere light for car

High quality and great stability China atmosphere light for car

EchoLumen LED car bulbs are made of ABS material with IP67 waterproof, anti-collision, and anti-corrosion. With DC 12V, EchoLumen wholesale LED car light is ultra-thin and is a perfect music LED strip panel for different automobiles, including cars, SUV vans, trucks, boats, etc.

Sound active function inner bulbs for vehicles.

EchoLumen is a globally recognized LED light for car exporter selling promising items that can change color with your voice or music. Allows you to enjoy the fun with the color changing following your car stereo music rhythm as well as your voice. Giving you an upgraded driving experience.

Wireless remote control China LED light for car.

One remote controller can wirelessly control EchoLumen wholesale car interior light. It is simple and easy to change light modes and get your favorite colors.

Multicolor effect mode atmosphere light for car

EchoLumen LED car light is set with eight static color modes and eight dynamic color modes. You can change the color modes in different conditions as you like with the remote controller.

Easy to install LED light for car

EchoLumen makes vehicles' internal LEDs with double-sided adhesive straps, and you can simply install it to the place (better in the gap or away from our sight) you want. Plug the cigarette lighter or USB, and you can have a wonderful lighting effect in your car.

The best and most cost-effective China car interior light

EchoLumen is a celebrated atmosphere light for car manufacturer that sells high-quality products widely tested by the market and proved to be increasingly reliable by a large number of consumers. Our wholesale LED light for car has the best quality and competitive prices, perfect for all types of businesses.

Chapter 3 Why choose EchoLumen car interior light?

Experienced industry experts and strong manufacturing ability to produce premium quality China LED car light.

EchoLumen team consists of experts and professionals with more than ten years of experience in the lighting industry. We have a strong ability to capture the market trend and produce the current most popular products for our customers. We regularly launch the up to date atmosphere light for car to maintain our strong market competitiveness.

Excellent production capacity and quality product with stability

The market demand for EchoLumen China LED car light or China car interior light is huge and is growing year by year. Our production capacity for interior vehicle bulbs is more than 40K each month. With huge quantity mass productions, the quality and stability of our wholesale LED light for car is highly guaranteed, which in return cut down the cost sharply and gives benefits to our customers.

Extraordinary performance and assuring warranty policies

EchoLumen atmosphere light for car supports different light modes and controls, excellent lighting effect, and fantastic durability, which requires no after-sales services. In addition, we provide one-year warranty for our China car interior light or LED car light. For any quality problem within the warranty period, EchoLumen will take care of it by sending our customers new items for free.

OEM to customize your own LED light for car

The competition on wholesale car interior light or China LED car light is always hot, and OEM is a good way to avoid direct competition. We are happy to work with our customers to customize their own products and grow their business.