Practical guideline for EchoLumen Wholesale LED Headlight Bulb

All types of automotive vehicles are playing a vital role in the current society and influence our life patterns in many ways. Among them, the car and truck are the two most important transportations which so related to our daily life. We desperately need trucks to build our city and transport basic life necessities to maintain our daily lives. We also need cars to go to work or travel around to improve our life quality. If you are a car or truck owner, are you willing to modify your car or truck to enhance its overall performance?

The front light is one of the key parts of the car, especially when we are driving at night or in the dark. The bright China LED car headlight can give us clear visibility, and its longer illumination distance can win us more time when accidents are approaching. The high-profile fog lamps with better low beam and high beam lighting performance will significantly improve the driving experience in the dark and so helpful for our safe driving.

EchoLumen, a reputable wholesale LED auto lamp manufacturer in China with more than ten years of industry experience, is concentrating on the design, R&D, and manufacturing of all types of automobile lamps to satisfy the rapidly growing market demand with the best performance product and competitive prices. Our wholesale LED car headlight is extensively used by companies like Jeep Grand Cherokee, etc.

Here we will share with you all the specific features of LED headlight bulbs we produce and why EchoLumen is worth giving a shot.

Chapter 1: What is an LED fog lamp?
Chapter 2: Types of EchoLumen LED front lights
Chapter 3: Features of EchoLumen LED fog lamp
Chapter 4: Why choose EchoLumen's products?

Chapter 1 What is an LED Fog Lamp?

China LED auto lamp refers to the products that use light-emitting diodes as their light source for higher brightness output to improve the lighting performance for better visibility in the dark.

Most new cars come with LED daytime running lights, but full LEDs are not industry standard (yet). As manufacturers chase reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions, easing the electrical strain on a car has become more important, and that is precisely what these modernized lights help do. The wholesale LED headlight bulbs are favored by car lovers who are keen on modifying their cars by using better performance LED fog lamps to replace the traditional halogen ones. If you are less than confident when driving at night, the products of a renowned LED car headlight manufacturer could go a long way to helping you.

EchoLumen is a globally recognized LED headlight bulbs supplier that provides a wide variety of options for our customers. Whether it is a wholesale LED car headlight or LED truck headlight, our China LED headlight bulbs can meet all types of sockets for direct replacement. We are committed to being a trusted LED auto lamp exporter and partner to provide the most cost-effective products for our customers and help to grow their business.

Chapter 2 Types of EchoLumen LED Front Lights

LED Front Lights for Cars

Featured with ultra-high lumen output and top quality, EchoLumen wholesale LED auto lamp is designed to meet our customers' demands that include high profile performance and better visibility while driving in the dark. Our China LED car headlight adopts top brand LEDs (CREE or LUMILEDS) as a light source, which makes our products relatively brighter than the normal Halogen ones. In addition, EchoLumen LED fog lamps apply upgraded aviation aluminum for the lamp body and copper plates to conduct the heat generated by LEDs. The excellent heat dissipation design maintains its working temperature at a perfect range and ensuring its unparalleled durability and stability. As the leading LED car headlight supplier, we supply a series of modernized bulbs with different options. Each series can meet all types of sockets and 99% compatible with your original Halogen lamps.

LED Front Lights for Trucks

By using upgraded big size LED chips 5530 for ultra-high lumen lighting output, EchoLumen is the LED auto lamp supplier that creates items with a higher brightness than regular Halogen lights to make sure a perfect irradiation distance and excellent visibility for the performance of both low beam and high beam. Ensuring its maximum stability, EchoLumen LED front lights for trucks utilizes high profile aviation aluminum for heat conduction and an internal cooling fan for high efficient heat dissipation. In addition, EchoLumen Wholesale LED auto lamp can be rotated 360 degrees to catch the best spotlight and condensing lighting effect. EchoLumen has been working as a popular LED car headlight exporter, and it makes products with all types of socket/base and 99% compatibility with various truck models for direct replacement.

Chapter 3 Features of EchoLumen LED Fog Lamp

Ultra-bright high lumen lighting output China LED headlight bulbs

As a popular LED headlight bulbs exporter, EchoLumen adopts top brands LEDs to guarantee the best lighting effect and performance of our China LED auto lamp and provides the most effective solution for our customers. The brightness of EchoLumen's fog lamp is at least 300% higher than your original Halogen lamps.

Excellent heat dissipation and top stability automobile LEDs

EchoLumen is a LED headlight bulbs supplier producing items that use high profile aviation aluminum and quality cooling fans to enable highly efficient heat dissipation and maintain the best working stability of our LED auto lamp. The work time of EchoLumen's products is more than 50,000 hours and requires no maintenance, which cuts down the cost sharply.

A wide variety of LED car headlight is available to help buyers select the best option.

As an industry experienced and comprehensive producer of LED products, EchoLumen offers a wide range of items for our customers to compare. We supply LEDs for all kinds of vehicles to meet the emerging market demand.

Great compatibility and easy installation

EchoLumen's products come with universal designs that are 1:1 in size to the classic Halogen lights. 99% of the original Halogen lamps can be directly replaced by our LED products and requires no extra wiring works, simply plug and play.

The best and most cost-effective LEDs in the market

EchoLumen LEDs have been widely tested by the market and proven to be highly reliable modernized lighting solutions. Our products come with features like higher brightness output, better overall lighting performance, and much longer service time than all the Halogen lights.

Chapter 4 Why choose EchoLumen's Products?

Experienced industry experts and strong manufacturing ability

EchoLumen team consists of industry veterans with more than ten years of LED headlight bulbs industry experience. We have a strong ability to capture the market trend and produce the current most popular products for our customers. We constantly launch the up-to-date LEDs for automobiles to maintain our strong market competitiveness.

Excellent production capacity and quality product with stability

The market demand for EchoLumen China LED auto lamp is huge and is growing year by year. Our production capacity is nearing more than 30K each month. With huge quantity mass productions, the quality and stability of our LEDs are highly guaranteed, which in return, cut down the cost sharply and gives benefits to our customers.

Extraordinary performance and assuring warranty policy

EchoLumen wholesale LED car headlight is produced with ultra-high brightness output, excellent lighting effect, and fantastic durability, which requires no after-sales services. In addition, we provide two years warranty for our China LED headlight bulbs. For any quality problem within the warranty period, EchoLumen will take care of it by sending our customers new items for free.

OEM to customize your own product

The competition on the LED auto lamp is always hot, and the OEM is a good way to avoid direct competition. We are happy to work with our customers to customize their own products and help them grow their business.