Practical guideline for EchoLumen LED off road light

SUV is a typical vehicle designed for thrilling adventure exploring and favored widely by adventure lovers around the world. It is equipped with powerful engine and excellent adaptive ability to all kinds of road conditions. But when it comes to the wild driving at night, the visibility of original headlight is not enough to ensuring a safe driving. Under such circumstances, you may need to install some extra China LED off road light to make sure the visibility is longer and broader. This is the most efficient and brightest light, especially for the heavy vehicles.

As a supplementary lighting, wholesale Offroad light bar is adopted to increase the light intensity of original vehicles to get a better visibility and broader illumination range, which helps a lot for safe driving especially when driving at night in the wild.

EchoLumen, as a reputable LED car light manufacturer in China with more than 10 years industry experience. We have designed a wide variety of China LED light bar for most types of vehicles including off roads, SUV, ATV, UTV, tractor, truck and boat etc.

Here we will share with you what specific featured LED rock off road light we produce and why EchoLumen LED bright vehicle light is worth a shot.

Chapter 1: What is LED off road light?
Chapter 2: Features of EchoLumen China Offroad Light Bar
Chapter 3: Why choose EchoLumen LED Vehicle light?

Chapter 1 What is LED off road light?

LED work light bar refers to the wholesale Offroad light bar which employ LEDs as light source for high lumen brightness output. Working as a supplementary lighting, LED car light manufacturer can install these bright lights at the bumper, front or top roof of SUV to light up the left and right areas for broader visibility. The spotlight and projector lens of EchoLumen LED off road light supplier provide these lamps with a longer illumination distance than original headlight bulbs.

EchoLumen is a corporate of professional Offroad light bar exporter that provide a wide variety of options for our customers. With wide range of power from 36W to 120W, LED off road rock lamp distributor can meet any requirements on the light intensity and ensuring an excellent visibility for safe driving. EchoLumen is committed to be a trusted LED light bar manufacturer and partner to provide the most cost-effective LED round off road lamp products for our customers and help to grow their business.

Chapter 2 Features of EchoLumen China Offroad Light Bar

Ultra-bright brightness

Equipped advanced top brand LED chips, EchoLumen wholesale LED light bar gives out bright and white ray for clear visibility. EchoLumen LED brightest vehicle light provides a long irradiation distance and wide view area, super bright white light to dispel darkness and guard your safe driving.

Excellent heat dissipation and top stability

Designed with oversized grooved fins for quick heat elimination, EchoLumen LED off road light has brilliant performance on heat dissipation. The efficient aluminum alloy heat sink maximizes surface area for optimal cooling. EchoLumen Offroad rock lights has lasting original lighting performance through years of using, effectively extend the life span over 50,000 hours.

Premium performance and IP68 waterproof

Manufactured from high-grade IP68 Waterproof Rated Die-Casting Aluminum, EchoLumen LED light bar supplier provides these efficient lamps that has excellent waterproof, dustproof, rustproof, quake proof and quick cooling performance. Combined durability and affordability performance, EchoLumen LED off road light manufacturer built it for the harshest environments.

A wide variety of LED Brightest off-road rock light for option

As an industry experienced and comprehensive Offroad light bar exporter, EchoLumen offers a wide range of round off road bulbs (from 36W to 120W) for our customers to compare. EchoLumen LED light bar supplier can satisfy all kinds of requirements on lighting intensity and illumination distance.

Adjustable mounting bracket

The mounting bracket of our wholesale Offroad light bar can be adjusted about 45 degrees to meet your need on the light direction. You can freely install the China LED light bar on the front bumper, bull bar, lower bumper opening, front the grill, hood, roof rack and rear step bumper of your cars to replace the original high/low beam lights, fog lights, tail lights and reverse lights.

Wide applications

With working voltage of DC 9-32V, EchoLumen wholesale LED light bar can be widely used to most of vehicles (Off-Road, SUV, ATV, UTV, Trucks, Tractor, Marine, Motorcycle, Boat, Heavy Duty Marine etc.)

The best and most cost-effective LED Car light

EchoLumen LED rock off-road lamps have been widely tested by the market and proved to be a reliable manufacturer and supplier of the vehicle off-road bulbs. Our LED bright rock lights for vehicles renders a higher brightness output, better overall lighting performance and guarantee you the best driving experience in the dark.

Chapter 3 Why choose EchoLumen LED Vehicle light?

Experienced industry experts and strong manufacturing ability

EchoLumen team are industry veterans with more than 10 years LED off road light industry experience, we have strong ability to capture the market trend and produce the current most popular products for our customers. We constantly launch the up to date LED off road lights to maintain our strong market competitiveness.

Excellent production capacity and quality product with stability

The market demand on EchoLumen wholesale Off road light bar is huge and is growing year by year. Our production capacity on these highly efficient LED bright vehicle light is more than 40K each month. With huge Qty mass productions, the quality and stability of our China LED light bar is highly guaranteed. Which in return cut down the cost sharply and gives benefits to our customers.

Extraordinary performance and assuring warranty policy

EchoLumen LED off road light manufacturer makes these effective lights that renders ultra-high brightness output, excellent lighting effect and fantastic durability, which requires no after sales services. In addition, we provide 2 years warranty for our top-quality LED car light, for any quality problem within warranty period, EchoLumen will take care of it by sending our customers new items for free.

OEM to customize your own product

The competition on China Offroad light bar is always hot and OEM is good way to avoid the direct competition. We are happy to work with our customers to customize their own products and help them grow their business.