Why choose EchoLumen China LED garage light?

As the current most popular and reliable lighting solution, LED work light has been widely used by all walks of life to take the responsibilities of lighting. Featured with high efficient lighting output, low power consumption, low prices, too long lifespan, and outstanding stability, the LED lamp is easy to be seen everywhere. It is a good sign for the whole LED lighting industry, but not for all the manufacturers. When the market is flooding with too many same products, only the manufacturers who have a strong sense of crisis and novel ideas for the continuous pursuit of new product design can stand out from the severe competition

EchoLumen is a globally recognized LED garage light manufacturer driven by a strong sense of business opportunity and product design ability with more than ten years of LED lighting industry experience. We focus on designing and manufacturing the most powerful and innovative China LED garage light with cost-effective prices to help our customers increase their competitiveness and grow their business.

Here we will share you with more detailed information and features of EchoLumen wholesale LED work light and what advantages they can bring to your business.

Chapter 1: What is China LED work light?
Chapter 2: Features of EchoLumen LED shop lamp
Chapter 3: Installation of EchoLumen energy-efficient bulb
Chapter 4: Why choose EchoLumen LED project lamp?

Chapter 1 What is an LED shop lamp?

Wholesale LED garage light is one specific segment of LED bulbs, which using high lumen LEDs as a light source to provide sufficient bright lighting for garage, barn, warehouse, basement, workshop, parking lot, supermarket and stadium, etc. Due to its excellent color rendering index (Ra reaches 80) and deformable LED panels, LED station lamps are the best lighting solutions for places that require high illumination and cool white light. EchoLumen LED workroom lamp works ideally with E26/E27 base. The installation is extremely easy, with no extra cabling or wiring, which is a perfect replacement for your light bulbs and brings you a remarkable lighting experience

Chapter 2 Features of EchoLumen China LED work light

Ultra-bright LED shop lamp

EchoLumen is a renowned LED garage light exporter that sells products with 3-4 ultra-bright adjustable LED panels, creating much higher brightness than any standard bulbs. It features LED technology with top-quality LEDs that total 6000-12000LM, CRI80+, 6000K daylight can give you 85% energy saving for your garage and basement.

Vast choices LED shop lamp

EchoLumen, an international wholesale LED work light supplier, provides a wide variety of energy-efficient bulbs with wide power consumption from 30W to 120W for any indoor locations where require different suspension height. From a tight space basement/garage to a wide-open space office, warehouse, or stadium, EchoLumen's products can meet all your expectations on the quality and lighting effect.

Deformable and adjustable LED garage light

EchoLumen LED garage light is designed with 3 or more separate LED panels, each panel 90 degree adjustable, which can create a perfect garage lighting distribution curve according to your application. EchoLumen LED garage light can easily make the light cover 360° area and ensuring you the best lighting experience.

Deformable and adjustable LED garage light

EchoLumen LED products are designed with three or more separate LED panels, each panel 90 degrees adjustable, which can create a perfect space lighting distribution curve according to your application. EchoLumen is a reputable LED work light exporter that makes the light cover a 360° area and ensuring you the best lighting experience.

Durable and long service LED work light.

EchoLumen adopted the upgraded aluminum fins for cooling to ensure its stability and durability under working at maximum performance. EchoLumen's LEDs can light over 50,000 hours of constant runtime and makes its maintenance cost sharply cut down.

Easy to install LED shop lamp.

EchoLumen China LED garage light is suitable for E26/E27 base. Requiring no cabling or wiring, the installation is quite simple but more advanced as well. The LEDs can be easily and quickly directed in many directions for a better lighting effect.

Chapter 3 Installation of EchoLumen's LED Products

Featured with ultra-bright LEDs for high lumen lighting output, the key function of EchoLumen LED lamp is to replace the old lighting products which can't provide sufficient lighting for your working places. EchoLumen is a celebrated LED garage light supplier that designs items with E26/E27 base, which supports fast replacement to your old E26/E27 light bulbs. There are no tools or cabling/wiring needed when installing our China LED work light. The installation process of LED station lamps does not require a lot of resources like time and labor.

Why choose EchoLumen's LED Garage Light?

Experienced industry experts and strong manufacturing ability

EchoLumen team is industry veterans with more than ten years of lighting industry experience. We have a strong ability to capture the marketing trend and produce the current most popular wholesale LED work light for our customers.

Excellent production capacity and quality product with stability

The market demand for EchoLumen China LED garage light is huge. Our production capacity of the LED garage light is more than 60K each month. With mass production methods, the quality and stability of our LEDs are highly guaranteed.

Extraordinary performance and assuring warranty policy

EchoLumen LEDs have features like ultra-high brightness output, excellent lighting effect, and fantastic durability, which requires no after-sales services. In addition, we provide two years warranty for our wholesale LED work light. For any quality problem within the warranty period, EchoLumen will take care of it by sending our customers new items for free.