What You Need To Know About China Solar Garden Light Supplier

With LED technology development and material cost reduction, solar powered garden light is becoming the mainstream lighting products and widely used in commercial facilities and ordinary households to replace traditional old-fashioned halogen bulbs. As one of the key segments, solar park lamp or LED park lamp is getting more and more popular to decorate private gardens, lawns, public parks, walk streets, and cultural squares to provide both lighting and visual enjoyment.

EchoLumen, as a professional China LED garden light manufacturer with more than ten years of LED lighting industry experience, is concentrating on designing and manufacturing the most practical and cost-effective cosmic lawn lights and LED lawn lamps to cater to the growing market demand.

What more important is that EchoLumen is an international LED garden light exporter whose products are eco-friendly and use sun's energy that is free and easy to get to maintain the constant lighting output during the whole night.

Here are four things you may be interested in knowing about the LED plot bulb or wholesale solar garden light, which help you better understand the heliacal lamps and how to choose the cosmic park lamps to rich your product fleet.

Chapter 1: What is China LED garden light or China solar garden light?
Chapter 2: Types of EchoLumen cosmic bulbs or sun-powered bulbs
Chapter 3: What are the features of EchoLumen LED lawn lamp or heliacal lamp?
Chapter 4: Installations of EchoLumen LED bulb or cosmic bulb

Chapter 1 What is China LED garden light or China solar garden light?

LED cosmic lamp or sun-powered bulb uses LED as its light source and assembled with solar panel at the top of the lamp to receive sunlight and transformed it into electric power and restored in the battery placed inside of the lamp body. A light sensor is integrated into the photovoltaic cells. In the daytime, the cells will charge the battery, and the wholesale LED garden light or wholesale solar garden light will be light up automatically when the ambient light is getting dark. The market demand for the photovoltaic lamp or sun-powered lamp is massive since such product is cheap in price and low cost to maintain.

Chapter 2 Types of EchoLumen LED garden light or solar garden light

EchoLumen has a full range of China LED garden light or China solar garden light products and is capable of supplying the turnkey solutions for the lighting projects at a private garden, household lawn, public park, commercial street, and cultural square, etc. We have two main categories of photovoltaic lamps or heliacal bulbs with different installations.

One is an LED spotlight or lawn lamp, which you can simply insert its base into the ground and expose its solar panel in the sunlight. It is perfect for the installation at the lawn, private garden, sides of sidewalks in recreational and residential areas for lighting decoration.

Another is pillar LED photovoltaic light, which can be easily mounted to the platform of pillars at residential and recreational areas, scenic spots, and promenades by the sea or lakes, etc.

Chapter 3 What are the features of EchoLumen LED garden light or solar garden light?

Elegant design and easy installation solar garden light or LED garden light

EchoLumen LED garden light or solar garden light is small in size, exquisitely designed and easy to be installed, especially the LED spot light/lawn lamp which requires no tools for installation.

Elegant design and easy installation sun-powered yard bulb or LED yard lamp

EchoLumen is an internationally cherished wholesale LED garden light exporter that offers photovoltaic plot lights with qualities like small size, exquisitely designed, and easy to be installed, especially the LED spotlight/lawn lamp, which requires no tools for installation.

Intelligent and practical function helical lawn lamp or photovoltaic light

EchoLumen is a globally recognized China solar garden light manufacturer that sells solar panels integrated with one light sensor inside. In the daytime, the solar collectors will charge the battery, and the LEDs will be light up automatically when it is getting dark.

Ultra-high efficient solar charging and large capacity battery

EchoLumen LED yard lamp is manufactured with a high-quality bank of photovoltaic cells. The battery can be fully charged within 5-7 hours in the sunlight. Its lighting time can be lasting three successive nights (12 hours per night).

Excellent IP rating and maximum stability LED yard bulb or photoelectric bulb

EchoLumen lights powered by the sunlight designed for the lawn are with high IP65 rating and maximum stability to be resistant to any harsh weather conditions.

The LED yard lamps require no cabling works.

EchoLumen is a renowned LED garden light exporter that sells bulbs powered by solar energy, with no need for wiring works.

Chapter 4 Installations Of Items Offered By A Reputable LED Garden Light Supplier

The installation of EchoLumen lights powered by solar energy is quite simple. For the LED spotlight/lawn lamp, it requires no tools, simply bury its base into the ground. As to the installation of pillar LED photovoltaic lamp, you can simply screw its base to the platform of the pillars. There is no need for any extra wiring works. Shop from us as we are the leading LED garden light manufacturer and Solar garden light exporter of China.