A practical guideline for EchoLumen solar wall light

As the current most reliable and affordable lighting solution, LED light dominates the lighting industry's different sectors like commercial lighting, industrial lighting, or ordinary household lighting. The unparallel stability of Unique LED wall lights along with extraordinary lighting performance and efficient working hours. In addition to vast indoor applications, the trend is marching toward outdoor application, giving rise to China's outdoor wall light manufacturing to meet the high demand

The vast consumer focus towards different lightning forms urges LED light manufacturers to expand their product ranges and introducing new editions.

EchoLumen is a sophisticated solar powered wall light manufacturer in China. Our company owns both technicians and product managers to capture the market trend and design the best performance wholesale LED wall light and China solar wall light with a competitive price to meet emerging significant market demand demands. In contrast with the conventional integrated wall light, EchoLumen produces lights generates from solar power, which doesn't need any complicated wiring works.

Here some more knowledge about our led product and the advantages that EchoLumen solar LED wall light can bring to you and help your business grow.

What is LED wall light or solar wall light?
Chapter 2: Features of EchoLumen LED wall light or solar wall light
Chapter 3: Installation of EchoLumen LED wall light or solar wall light

Chapter 1 What is China LED wall light or solar wall light?

LED outdoor wall light or solar wall light is one specific segment of LED lights, which uses LEDs as a light source and is mounted to the wall to provide lighting for the passers-by. There are two main categories: indoor lighting, which is normally wired and powered by electricity. Another type of integrated led light is the Outdoor wall LED light, which is powered by solar energy and has to be installed outdoor on the wall where the sunlight is not blocked out. EchoLumen Stands as a leading China LED wall light supplier in the global market.

At present, the demand for Outdoor LED wall light and Solar-powered wall light is getting higher and higher since one small-sized solar panel can supply sufficient power for its lighting output and requires no wiring or cabling.

Chapter 2 Features of EchoLumen LED wall light or solar wall light

High lumen LEDs with sufficient lighting output is something that is making a massive market for led products.EchoLumen led Outdoor wall light and Solar wall lights adopt high-quality LEDs to ensure sufficient light output for the passers-by.

EchoLumen LED wall light or solar wall light adopts high quality LEDs to make sure the sufficient light output for the passer-bys.

A wide variety of designs for an option that our led and solar lights provide

EchoLumen Outdoor wall light is with a series of different looks and power consumptions to meet the different installations, which requires different lighting intensity. EchoLumen LED, and solar light collection gives you the most comprehensive choices and creates more possibilities for your business.

Practical and intelligent functions you can find in our product

EchoLumen Outdoor wall light and other is applying one intelligent solar panel which integrated one light sensor inside. In the daytime, it will charge the battery. When the ambient lighting is dark, the LEDs will be working automatically. What is more, EchoLumen LED outdoor wall light and Solar-powered wall light It is designed with one infrared sensor at the right front of the lamp to get more modes to save power. For example, when the ambient light is getting dark, these lights will light up and work at 30% brightness; when people pass, the infrared sensor can immediately capture the motion and maximize the brightness. Seconds later, the brightness will jump to 30%.

Ultra-high efficient solar charging and large capacity battery

EchoLumen solar and LED wall light uses the high-quality solar panel, the battery can be fully charged within 5-7 hours in the sunlight, and its lighting output can last more than 12 hours.

Excellent IP rating and remarkable stability is all you get

EchoLumen led light comes with a high IP65 rating and maximum stability to be resistant to any harsh weather conditions. It is with great stability and requires no maintenance, which cut down the cost sharply. We are known as the top Wholesale outdoor wall light manufacturer & exporter of China.

Easy installation of our solar wall-mounted LED light

EchoLumen solar and led needs just amount to the wall and doesn't need any extra cabling works. Easy and straightforward to install.

Chapter 3 Installation of EchoLumen of our led lightings

The installation of EchoLumen led and solar lights are relatively easy; since it is powered by solar energy, you don't need to do any wiring work; just simply mount it to the wall with the screws included in the products. Just keep one thing in mind, the location where you want to install the lamp can get the sunlight on.